Below are some of the services we offer people from the public sector who are looking for a drinks supplier to cater for their own event.


All products bought from us will be sold to you at trade prices and not retail prices, which will result in major financial savings.

We offer a sale or return service, which means it takes away the worry of not ordering enough stock where you could run out before the event has finished, and also the worry of over ordering and being stuck with a load of stock that will not be used. We want your event to run smoothly and everyone concerned to enjoy themselves, so please feel free to over order. 

We can supply several types of draft products in barrels. Again, any unopened ones can be returned. If you do decide to take barrels then you will receive the use of a beer cooler and taps free of charge

If the venue for your event does not have enough storage space for chilling your drinks, we have large industrial fridges available for hire.

All orders will be delivered directly to your venue on the day and time you require them, and our friendly helpful delivery drivers will even take your order to the area it is being served from. If your event is over several days and you think you are running low on anything then we deliver up to twice a day 7 days a week, so we are always at hand to replenish your stocks.

If you require assistance with regards to quantities on what to order, we can supply a guideline for this.

Wines, Cavas and Champagnes. We carry a very extensive list of these products from countries all over the world. These are suitable for all types of palates and cover all price ranges. If your event is something special like a wedding and you want to get everything right for your big day then we can even offer you the facility of a wine tasting session where you can sample different types of wines from different countries to find wines that will compliment the food that you will be serving. Because you are fortunate enough to be buying your stocks at wholesale prices, you must be made aware that we do not have the large profit margins that the retail outlets have, which means that by opening as little as 3 or 4 bottles of wine for a tasting this could actually take away all of the profit from the wines you would be ordering. We feel the only fair way for both parties is that we charge any wines used at a tasting at cost price.

I hope this is satisfactory to all concerned and we look forward to catering for all your specific needs, should you require our services.

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